Thursday, July 14, 2011

Five Heavenly Recruits - Treasure Chest Thursday

Christian Wismer Ruth, husband's grandfather, standing in middle
circa 1884-1885

Last week I emailed several organizations connected with C.W. Ruth inquiring about possible historical documentation. Each site stated Christian played a large part in their ministries.

On Monday I received permission to use materials from Wesley Online with not-for-profit usage. In the email were photographs and articles detailing Christian's time spent with the Wesleyan Church.

The other site I contacted was the Bible Fellowship Church On Line History Center. Yesterday we received a response from the site's archivist with this photograph and several articles.

On seeing the picture a shout of sheer joy went up through the rafters of our house. My husband is not usually alarmed by these sudden outbursts, but did come running just the same. When he saw the photograph of his grandfather the look of sheer joy on his face almost brought me to tears.

Richard, the archivist, stated this group of men were called the Heavenly Recruits. He further shares how they morphed into another group and changed their name. At some point C.W. Ruth went west to Indianapolis where he retained the group name.

Another interesting piece of information was that Christian was a "big deal" in the movement. He was treated as a "kind of celebrity" when returning to preach in their churches.

Because of wise advice given by a more seasoned family researcher we have found new connections. She instructed us to contact every and anyone with possible information about your ancestors.

Did they belong to a fraternal organization such as the Odd Fellows? Information about my husband's great-grand father was located on that website.

Have you researched sites with information about various occupations? Using Google Books we located several ancestors connected with the Baltimore City Fire Department.

What about their church affiliations? Contacting these institutions can bring amazing results as discovered with the tale of Christian Wismer Ruth.

With this advice in mind you too could discover a family treasure! Happy hunting.

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  1. WOW, How cool, I can definitely see the resemblance.