Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Would You Grab?

This morning Kerry Scott over at Clue Wagon posted an interesting question.

So here’s my I-don-’t-have-time-for-a-serious-post question for you:  Your house is in fire.  Your loved ones are safely out.  You have time to grab only one thing. 

What do you grab?  Why?

My first reaction was of course the family photographs. Taking the advice of my genealogy friends, these should all be scanned and stored off-site for safe keeping.

After giving this question serious thought the item I treasured most came to mind with startling clarity. Hidden away in the basement inside a large Rubbermaid container are my most prized possessions.

Stored inside this magic box you will find handmade Christmas ornaments, ceramic creations, and Popsicle stick projects. Crayon pictures drawn with little stubby fingers, and artwork by the budding artist who finally found their muse.

A letter written to Santa reporting how good the author had been so please bring that new Lego set! The homemade Mother's Day cards with interesting interpretations of my appearance. It's a wonder I can walk having one leg longer than the other!

So in the end what would I grab? A large plastic box filled with priceless memories. What would you grab?

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  1. My daughter is just finishing up kindergarten, and she's bring home all of those end-of-the-year projects. I know exactly what you mean.