Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Seven Little Lambs

click on photographs to enlarge for better viewing

This poignant memorial was discovered while searching for my great-grandparents in Holy Rosary Cemetery. The seven little lambs remind us of how tenuous life was during our early history.

We have several family lines where many of the children did not survive to adulthood, but nothing of this sad magnitude.

Several yards away from the little ones stands this memorial. One feels as if the angel is mourning the flock.


  1. Oh My, that is so sad. Like you there were many children in my family that didn't make it, but nothing lie this. Did you notice the dates? Was it a disease outbreak? Did they all die at once?

  2. I am always touched when I see, say, three together. But SEVEN?! Goodness, that is heartbreaking. All siblings?

  3. Not sure if they all died the same time, pretty sure they were siblings. Can't even imagine their parent's grief!