Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Doc Holliday

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John Henry Holliday aka Doc, 1852-1887
Linwood Cemetery, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The state of Colorado has always been my idea of heaven. Even as a child the thought of visiting fired my imagination. I remember singing "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver until my mother was ready to scream!

About 12 years ago the dream finally came to fruition. My husband, four children, and I headed out west on a four week adventure. Arriving in Colorado Springs to the view of those glorious Rocky Mountains was a moment I will never forget.

My husband had planned the entire agenda for our travels with several surprises along the way. One was the visit to Glenwood Springs to visit the grave of John Henry Holliday aka Doc. I admit to a slight fascination with all things wild west, especially the bad boys.

Up the mountain to visit grave

Items left by visitors to Doc's grave

Recently I discovered the mystery surrounding the exact burial place of John Henry Holliday. Some believe he was taken home to the family cemetery in Georgia. Wherever the true resting place of the Doc, it was a treat to visit Linwood Cemetery.

On a side note, our family has a running debate which actor played the best Doc Holliday. What say you, Val Kilmer (Tombstone) or Dennis Quaid (Wyatt Earp)?


  1. My husband loves this wild west stuff and I think he would pick Val Kilmer. I just learned that Wyatt Earp is buried in the same cemetery (Hills of Eternity, San Francisco) as many of my ancestors. That will help get my husband there to visit my family :-)

  2. Debi,

    Val is my favorite! Hope you get out to visit Wyatt, and of course the ancestors too!