Thursday, June 9, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Bobby Kennedy & the Train

Outside the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
Baltimore, Maryland

Last winter my husband and I visited the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum. Walking through the museum brought back childhood memories in vivid detail.

Growing up several miles from railroad tracks I developed a fascination with trains. Many a warm summer night hearing the haunting whistle through the open window. Those were the days when fans were the only means of cooling down the house. We had yet to acquire a noise censoring air conditioner.

One unforgettable memory is entwined with those tracks. After the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy the nation was once again thrown into intense mourning. To suffer another violent death in the Kennedy family was unfathomable.

When our parents heard the funeral train would travel our tracks, they gathered all of the children to witness this historic event.

I will never forget the absolute silence from the crowd as the train slowly passed. All you could hear was the clanking of the wheels and blare of the whistle. On either side people stood with hand over heart as tears streamed down their somber faces.

Being a child I did not understand the momentous nature of the event. As an adult I realize this memory will always be part of my personal family history.

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  1. We took our kids to Baltimore when they were young. The train museaum was on our 'list' but when we got there we read the dreaded sign "Closed for Remodeling" . The boys were so disappointed.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)