Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shopping Saturday - Door-to-Door

This morning there was a loud knock at our door. To say it was startling would be a vast understatement. Most Saturday spring mornings the only sounds breaking the silence are birds chirping and lawn mowers coming to life.

Opening the door I found a young college student with a wide smile and cheerful attitude. The main focus of his presentation was to interest us in switching cable providers. I patiently listened to his speech and received the offered pamphlet. After closing the door I started thinking what a rarity to have someone knock with the purpose of selling.

As a young girl I remember the salesman coming to our home hawking The Encyclopaedia Britannica. In our living room he display amazing photographs and share facts about interesting historical events. There was even the promise our grades would be elevated just by having this collection! For many years these books served as the main source for both school projects and satisfying general curiosity.

So take a walk down memory lane by reading an entertaining 1950's article called "Door-To-Door Selling Is Back-Strong". It might remind you of days gone by when something exciting came to your door.

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  1. That is the way my husband earned his money in his early years of College.

    Most areas have no soliciting up...