Monday, June 6, 2011

Immigration Story of Locust Point, Baltimore

Most of my ancestors arrived in this country through the ports of Baltimore, Maryland. They came to these shores from places such as Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, England, Bohemia, and Russia.

Researching their history I discovered the important role Baltimore played for many immigrants. In 1882 a record number arrived at Locust Point, mainly Germans, Bohemians, Austrians and Scandinavians. In fact several steamship companies signed a contract with a local woman to open a boardinghouse on the piers of Locust Point.

Augusta J. Koether, in charge U.S. Gov Detention House h 107 Beechdale rd RP
1914 Baltimore City Directory

Some of the resources I found about immigration to Baltimore and Locust Point:

Baltimore harbor: a pictorial history by Robert C. Keith, 3rd edition, published 2005

Family Stories: Baltimore Immigration Memorial Foundation - "searching for the descendants of immigrants who started their American journey on Baltimore soil".

Forgotten Doors: the other Ports of Entry to the United States, edited by M. Mark Stolarik, published 1988

History of Immigration to Maryland - Maryland Online Encyclopedia

Immigration Era, Part I: Port of Pleasant Landings by Pennington Parker, Baltimore Historical Society, Spring 2004

Point of Entry: Baltimore, the Other Ellis Island article by William Connery

Polish Immigration - Maryland Online Encyclopedia

Timeline of Baltimore's Immigration article by Dean Krimmel

Immigrant Ships - Transcribers Guild  - Baltimore, Maryland:

vol. 1 (1820-1833)

vol. 2 (1820-1883)

vol. 3 (1803-1886)

Childhood memories came alive while researching these ancestors. The various languages spoken, array of foods prepared, and customs passed down from every culture. All on display during wonderful block parties when everyone shared their heritage.


  1. Thanks Deb. My husbands family came from Bohemia via Baltimore. I found them on the ships manifest on Ancestry and they had a copy of the original passenger list.

    I have bookmarked your links and it will take a while but I will be able to get a lot of information.

    They came from Rosshaupt which is on the German boarder.

  2. Claudia,

    Thanks for the comment. Glad you could use some of the information.

    I too have family from Bohemia, might have to compare notes. Never know! ;-)


  3. From my own family research and Ships Passenger Lists, I learned my paternal grandparents arrived at Locust Point from Germany or Lithuania in 1903. When I visited Locust Point, I saw only a few charred posts, the remains of the landing port of entry, sticking out of the water. I would like to know more about this port of entry.

  4. I would like to use a copy of the photo Where Immigrants Land in a novel I am revising. The name of the novel is Finding the Way ; From Prussia to a Prairie Homestead. What is the copyright status of the photo?

  5. The link to Baltimore's Immigrant House no longer works. Is this information available anywhere else?

  6. The link to Baltimore's Immigrant House no longer works. Is this information available anywhere else?

  7. Baltimore Immigration Memorial (BIM) has the following website:
    The Immigrant House Museum is open on the weekends or by appointment. Please come! With your knowledge along with the board's expertise, we could gain further insight into our past.