Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Having a Party!

Image courtesy Vintage Holiday Crafts

What are we celebrating? The 1940 census!

A genealogy friend and I were discussing the upcoming holiday several weeks ago at work. Before you knew it we were making plans for Monday, April 02, 2012!

Our first order of business was to request leave for the day from our supervisor. We were pretty sure she thought we were in the middle of typical genealogy humor.

After she realized we were quite serious she wanted to know what made the day so special. That was our chance to rhapsodize about the importance of Census Day to family researchers around the globe. At some point her eyes glazed over, but to give her credit she was game and approved the request.

Last week during our genealogy discussion group my friend and I were chatting with the coordinator. In a joking way we started throwing out ideas to celebrate this milestone. Next thing you knew we reserved a meeting room, started to organize a menu, and browsed 1940's fashion!

So now we are researching ways to create the prefect ambiance for our celebration. Here are several resources you may want to bookmark for the upcoming event.

1940's Theme Ideas:

1940's Theme Party Ideas

How to Plan a Fun 1940's Theme Party

How to Throw a 1940's Themed Party

Fashion of the day:

Life Magazine : May 20, 1940

Life Magazine : September 23, 1940

Life Magazine : September 30, 1940

Menu planning:

1940's Best Carrot Cake Recipe

Grandma Adeline's 1940's War Cake

Food Timeline: 1940

Mother's Date Dips from 1940's

Resource sites:

The 1940's : a Tribute To Our Greatest Generation


National Archives : 1940 Census Records

Genealogists, let's get ready to party! This is our Super Bowl, World Series, Daytona 500, Stanley Cup, and National Basketball Finals combined! Have you started planning?

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  1. Have I begun the planning? No...but I will be doing so today. I will try to get a room today. What a great way to celebrate? But its on a Friday, and libraries close early on Fridays. Need a place like the library for computer access. Will have to do a lunch/tea thing. Yep, planning has begun. What do you think?