Monday, May 2, 2011

Google Search Tips & Tricks Webinar

This weekend has been exciting in a genealogical sense. For over a year I have been researching my great-grandfather Adam Czarnecki. On this blog I have documented finding a petition for naturalization and discovering his homeland.

Locating census records has been extremely difficult. In 1900 and 1930 we found the family listed as Czarneski, and on the 1910 census as Charnewsky. No matter how many research tactics I employed the 1920 census has proven elusive.

After months of searching I located the records using tips learned from attending a webinar sponsored by RootsMagic. The episode was entitled "Google Search Tips and Tricks" by Lisa Louise Cooke (Genealogy Gems). Lisa shared search tools and shortcuts to help locate those difficult ancestors.

One tip Lisa shared was using the * (asterisk wildcard) feature. I must admit never using this "trick" while searching websites. One such site is the online newspaper database listed at our local public library. Many months have been spent trying to locate birth, death, and marriage records.

Saturday I used this tip by entering Czar* into the library search engine. In this new listing I located the following obituary for my grand-uncle, Edward Czarnecki :

Here we discovered another spelling associated with this surname. Entering Chaneski in Ancestry lead to locating the 1920 Baltimore census record for the entire family. This one simple tip has lead to locating other relatives in local newspapers and death records at the state archives.

Thanks to Lisa and RootsMagic for offering such helpful advice. Make time to view this webinar and save TIME in the long run!


  1. It was an excellent Webinar! Congrats on your find!

  2. That's Awesome!! Thanks for attending!