Thursday, April 28, 2011

Genealogy for Children

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Yesterday during lunch break one of my friends started discussing her young sons new fascination with genealogy. Recently they took a trip to the old family homestead visiting a church and graveyard. In a small Virginia town many branches of the family settled and flourished. On this particular trip young Alex began to ask questions about the family immigrating to this country and why they selected this region.

How exciting to watch the beginning stages of genealogy curiosity catch hold to a young mind! All I could think was how wonderful to become interested at such an early age. Alex is the type of child to catch hold of an idea and investigate every aspect in the quest to uncover answers.

My friend wanted to know if there were sites or programs her son could use to research his family line. To be honest I have not spent time researching this subject never encountering a young person asking about their family tree. Last night in a quest to help my new genealogy buddy with kid friendly links and websites I was pleased to discover many tools to help Alex.

Here are several of these sites: Genealogy: Genealogy for Children

Allen County Public Library: Genealogy For Kids Reading List

America's Story from America's Library : The Library of Congress

Boy Scouts of America Genealogy Merit Badge

Cyndi's List: Kids & Teens

Family Tree Kids: making family history fun (Family Tree Magazine)

Getting Kids Involved in Genealogy (YouTube)

Kids' Turn Central : Genealogy for Kids

Olive Tree Genealogy Blog: Childrens Games

PBS Kids: Big Apple History Immigration

Preserving Your Family History: Teaching Kids Genealogy

U.S. Census Bureau FactFinder Kid's Corner

US GenWeb Kidz

WorldGenWeb for Kids

These sites are very helpful for a young person showing interest in their family history. I can't wait to follow Alex's progress as he travels along this new adventure called genealogy.

Here is an additional site contributed from comment to this post:

Genealogy for Kids


  1. I started a blog for kids learning how to start genealogy. You can see it at


  2. Jen,

    Thanks for sharing your site. Wonderful information! Will be sharing on this post.


  3. Thanks for sharing these links, Deb! It's important to pass our family history down to the next generations, and we need to do all we can to encourage any of the kids in the family to get interested.