Friday, April 22, 2011

Follow Friday - Genealogy Week & Blogging Gems

This week has been filled with meeting new online friends, gaining genealogy advice, and discovering new blogs!

It began Friday night when Thomas MacEntee (GeneaBloggers) hosted GeneaBlogger Radio. The episode was called Family History and the American Civil War. Speakers from the episode included Michael J. Varhola, author of "Life in Civil War America"; Maureen Taylor, author of "Finding the Civil War in Your Family Album"; and genealogist and blogger Angela Walton-Raji. What a great way to help with "Who Do You Think You Are" withdrawal pangs!

When visiting the BloggerRadio site, check out the on-demand episodes. You will find previous shows on a variety of topics such as Irish roots, Jewish genealogy, and discussion about the "Who Do You Think You Are".

Another part of the evening was participating in the live chat. To enable this tool you need to create an account. On the chat were many names I recognized from blogging, Facebook, and Twitter. How fun to interact with genealogy friends.

During the week I attended two informative webinars. Saturday was "Labeling Digital Photos" by DearMYRTLE and Wednesday "Get the Scoop on Your Ancestors from Old Newspapers" by Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems. These webinars were filled with great tools and research strategies. Check out GeneaWebinars to keep abreast of upcoming events.

Each week Geneabloggers lists newly discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about other cultures, periods of history, and support your fellow bloggers. Here are a few blogs I have started following:

Families of Old Hawaii

Family History with the Lineagekeeper

The Researching Archivist

Stories From Many Moons Ago

Tonight will cap off this whirlwind genealogy week. I will be attending the GeneaBlogger Radio event "Latino Genealogy-Finding Your Roots". Head over to GeneaBloggers for show notes and join in the fun 10 p.m. eastern standard time. Hope to meet you on the radio.

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