Friday, April 1, 2011

Follow Friday - GeneaBloggers & other Gems

When I started this blogging adventure in genealogy one of the most helpful sites discovered was GeneaBloggers. Here you find bloggers with specialized interests, levels of experience, and camaraderie. Thomas MacEntee gives us newbies a place to stretch our wings as we learn how to combine the art of blogging with our love of genealogy.

The first place I visited was About GeneaBloggers listing basic information about the tools and support the site offers. Not long after sending a request to have my blog added to the GeneaBloggers Blog Roll I found myself communicating with new friends from around the world!

On this page you will find "Daily Blogging Prompts." To say this was one of the most helpful tools while beginning this blog would be an understatement. Before finding this aide I was becoming a little overwhelmed trying to focus in on topics to discuss. These prompts not only give you guidance in sharing your discoveries, but also connects you with researchers with similar interests.

Another must view on the site is the Blog Resources page. Some of the topics listed are copyright issues, blog templates, linking, and data backup.

Make sure to keep informed with GeneaBloggers Calendar of Events! Here you discover upcoming events in the genealogy community such as conferences, webinars, personal genealogy challenges, and blog carnivals. One of my favorite events will occur this evening after the airing of the television show "Who Do You Think You Are." Thomas hosts a wonderful GeneaBloggers Radio program with guests, live chat, and door prizes.

Lastly, posted each Saturday is a listing of new genealogy blogs. Every week I find new friends to add to my growing list. Here are just a few discovered in the past several weeks:

Bridge to the Past
Cousin, Once Removed
Stalking Dead People

Thanks Thomas and the GeneaBloggers family for making geneablogging so much fun!

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