Monday, March 21, 2011

Military Monday : Anna Ella Carroll: Military Genius

During Women's History Month I have been setting aside time to read about the women who impacted our history. My main focus has been women of Maryland, as that is where I was born and raised.

One such woman is Anna Ella Carroll who was born in 1815 on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Her father was a farmer and eventual governor of Maryland in 1830 and 1831. At an early age he involved Anna in not only the workings of their farm, but political and legal issues of the state.

Anna eventually became very active in the political scene, at one point writing articles about the candidates under an assumed name.

Her most interesting accomplishment came during the Civil War when she was an "unofficial" member of Lincoln's Cabinet. Some of her contemporaries even labeled her a military strategist.

During the Civil War President Lincoln asked Anna to accompany an army officer to observe and report back on the War. Thus showing his confidence in her abilities at a tactician. After the war Anna worked alongside her male counterparts during Reconstruction.

To read the full story of Anna Ella Carroll:

Happy Women's History Month!


  1. Thanks for posting this--I'm glad to know about Carroll--just more for my "examples of what would have been possible if women hadn't been limited by societal restrictions" file.

  2. Very interesting! I love articles (and posts) like this! :)

  3. Glad you both enjoyed the post. I love discovering wonderful stories about amazing women!

  4. Anna was born about five miles from where I live in Marion Station, down in Somerset County. Her house was (and is) named Kingston Hall. It sits on a now greatly silted up creek - Kingston Creek. It was this plantation that she inherited from her father after he left for Washington, and it's said that she freed her own slaves after finding placements for every one of them. Then she sold the plantation and moved to Dorchester.

    Her house still stands. A widower lives there now. Beautiful place.

    Thanks for the post.