Monday, March 28, 2011

Genealogy - It Takes a Community

Over the weekend I again was reminded of the generous nature which defines the genealogy community. Saturday I wrote a post called "Surname Saturday-Puskar, Gunner, or is it both"?

This brings us to Kim, a new connection from Ancestry and the first "genealogy act of kindness". Not only did Kim reply to my email immediately, she answered all my questions, and then granted access to additional information. These simple acts have caused a chain of events to unlock a mystery surrounding these ancestors.

The second "genealogy act of kindness" occurred when a fellow researcher contacted me about the previous post. This is a new genealogy friend that I have connected with on Facebook. The email asked if the family was of possible Slavic descent, which I confirmed. She then suggested using Google Translator to discover meanings for the surname. Placing Puskar into the Czech to English option the translation was gunsmith!

Did the family change their name to Gunner when immigrating to this country? Why did they keep the original name along with this new Americanized surname? That is the next part of the puzzle to solve!

How amazing to have assistance with this surname over the course of a few days. All because of people met on Facebook, Twitter, and Ancestry. Then there are fellow bloggers I have met over at GeneaBloggers. Here you will find encouragement, advice, and plain old fun!

Thanks to this community of genealogy friends we are on the road to important discoveries!


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  2. A lovely blog, full of information for every researcher.
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  3. Deb, left you a message on ancestry, then remembered your blog. Friday, I talked with the grandson of Edward F. Puskar! I had sent a letter and he replied!! According to him "Gunner" was a nickname, which from what you found out, matches up. Their actual surname is PUSKAR. He is going to talk to his father this weekend and call me back with more info!! Well, onward we go!

  4. Steve,

    Thanks so much for the compliment!


  5. Kim,

    Great to hear back from you! Isn't the fun we both discovered the Gunner connection. Looking forward to hearing what other gems you uncover.