Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - A.S. Abell - Founder, Baltimore Sun

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On this Tombstone Tuesday we return to Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. This ornate grave with intricate marble carvings belongs to Arunah Shepherdson Abell. Abell founded the Baltimore Sun Newspaper in 1837.

From Wikipedia : Arunah Shepherdson Abell (August 10, 1806 – April 19, 1888) was an American publisher and philanthropist. Born in Rhode Island, Abell learned the newspaper business as an apprentice at the Providence Patriot. After stints with newspapers in New York City and Boston, he co-founded the Philadelphia Public Ledger and later founded the Baltimore Sun on his own. Abell and later his heirs would continue as publisher of the Sun until 1910. He is noted as an innovator in the newspaper business, especially in his use of a pony express from New Orleans, being the first newsman to make use of the telegraph to transmit news, and his use of the cylinder printing press invented by Richard March Hoe.

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