Monday, January 3, 2011

Mappy Monday - Map History/History of Cartography

During recent Interenet travels I discovered a new map resource called "Map History/History of Cartography".

The site has the following statement about their collection:

Old maps, early maps— non-current maps in general—are the subject of this site. Whether you are an academic, family historian, collector, teacher, parent or surfer -WELCOME! Use this site to find the worthwhile free information about old maps, both on the web and in the real world. The site's 120 'pages' offer comment and guidance, and over 6,500 annotated links selected for relevance and quality.

The 'Map History' site forms part of the WWW-Virtual Library. It offers a non-commercial mixture of comment and tips (spread over about 100 'pages') and many thousands of links to free sites. It is the work of one individual, who (as both author and webmaster) can make and implement decisions immediately.

Before you start using this tool check out the "Quick guide to what you will find on these pages." I found this page very helpful when navigating the site.

Happy Mappy Monday!


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  2. You are most welcome! Glad you found useful info.