Sunday, January 9, 2011

Church Record Sunday - Google Books

Saint Aloysius Church - Littlestown, Pennsylvania, 1893

One helpful tool in researching family history is Google Books. Using this aide I have discovered many types of information about ancestors. One being church records and affiliations of family lines.

Last year I was researching Littlestown, Pennsylvania hoping to find information about the McSherry family. While doing a Google Book search there in the listings was "History of Saint Aloysius Church of Littlestown, Pennsylvania" : by William McSherry, published 1893. In this book were over 50 references to the McSherry family. Items such as donations, pew holders, letters, and obituaries. Talk about hitting the jackpot!

If you are researching Pennsylvania church history, the following books are excellent references :

American Lutheran Biographies; or, historical notices of over three hundred and fifty men of the American Lutheran Church, from its Establishment to the year 1890 : by Rev. J. C. Jensson, published 1890

A History of the Lutheran Church in Pennsylvania, 1638-1820 : by Theodore Emanuel Schmauk, published 1903

History of the Mennonites: historically and bibliographically arranged from the time of the Reformation, by Daniel K. Cassel, published 1888

A History of the Quaker Government in Pennsylvania; vol. 1 : by Isaac Sharpless, published 1898

Landmark History of the United Brethren Church : by Rev. Daniel Eberly, A.M., Ph.D., published 1911

Life and letters of the Rev. John Phillip Boehm; founder of the Reformed Church in Pennsylvania 1683-1749 : edited by Rev. William J. Hinke, PH. D. D. D., published 1916

The Reformed church in Pennsylvania : by Josephy Henry Dubbs & William John Hinkle, published 1902

Tip for Church Record Sunday, check out Google Books for possible family church history.

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