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Amanuensis Monday - Rev. C. W. Ruth - Reminiscent, 1938

Genea-blogger John Newmark at TransylvanianDutch blog started a Monday blog theme called Amanuensis Monday. What does "amanuensis" mean? John offers this definition:

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

This draft written by Rev. Christian Wismer Ruth was included in documents received from the Church of the Nazarene Archives. When I contacted the Superintendent he was very gracious in sending me copies of many letters written by my husband's grandfather.
A few items that do not seem to be generally known, in this chain of providences that perhaps somewhat do with the founding of the Church of the Nazarene while may be of interest to the future historians of said church are here recorded, which may be fully verified by the records of the First Church of the Nazarene of Los Angeles, Calif.

In Sept. of 1901,-having been recommended to Brt. Bresee by the President, C. J. Fowler, of the National Asso. for the promotion of Holiness-Rev. C. J. Fowler, an Evangelist for the occasion, that Evangelist C. W. Ruth of Indianapolis, Ind had been invited to conduct a Revival Campaign in the Tabernacle (spoken of as the Glory barn) on Los Angeles street in Los Angeles; that during the two weeks it was reported that near five
hundred had bowed at the altar as seekers of pardon and purity-many of which became substantial members of the Church of the Nazarene; that during this time, the Official Board, under the direction of Dr. Bresee, met with Evangelist C. W. Ruth, a number of times, inviting him to remain as Assistant Pastor with Dr. Bresee; after much persuasion and much prayer, it was decided that Bro. Ruth should return to his home in Ind'pls,-sell and bring his family wife and three children and assume the relationship as Assistant pastor; a hurried trip was made-the Official Board assuming all expenses, and the promise of twelve hundred dollars; and secured a cottage for our residence on 434 Crocker st; at public auction in Ind'pls we disposed of our furniture at public auction (at the advice of Dr. Bresee) and hurried to our new home in Los Angeles, where a most cordial and
happy welcome awaited us; and here we resided, and labored 18 beautiful months; after two months-in the meeting of the Official Board, Dr. Bresee presented the all unspoken to me request to the Board that Bro. Ruth be given fifteen hundred dollars per annum-the same amount he was receiving and that my title be changed from Assistant pastor to Associate pastor. He was the most magnanimous man, and the largest brother I have ever known. It was soon decided that we build the First Church, cor. 6th & Wall st., and together we labored in perfect accord, during the entire time of our stay in Los Angeles. A volume of good size could be written of those memorable and glorious days. It was, thus, in 1901 that we united with the

Church of the Nazarene; it was only after deep heart conviction that I must resume my Evangelistic labors, and with sincere regrets, that I severed my pastoral relations with the mother Church, and removed again to Ind'pls in the spring of 1903. There had not been one note of dissatisfaction, either on our part or on the part of the church, so far as I have known. Our fellowship in every particular, was heavenly and most blessed. During 1902, while building our new church, we had a continuous Revival, with more than twelve hundred persons as seekers for pardon and purity at our altars in our regular church services. This count was made by Bro. Dunn, who is

still with us, at First Ch. literally hundreds united with the church during this time, so that the membership increased to about eleven hundred. Dr. Bresee usually preached the Sunday morning services and Bro. Ruth the had charge of the Sunday night service. While we alternated in all of the other services of the church. Also during 1902 the p Deets Pacific Bible College was launched in Los Angeles. With old "Duke" (the white fire horse) Bro. Ruth gathered up furnishings that had been contributed by the members and friends for the school; and also served as Trustee, and one of the teachers-teaching Bible Holiness and church history-in the opening sessions of the school; also made more than six hundred pastoral calls, where I prayed in the home;

conducted fifty-five funerals-most of them in the Bresee Brothers funeral parlors, and performed 22 wedding ceremonies. Of course Dr. Bresee was the prime mover and guiding hand in all these activities; and every Sunday morning near one hour before service time for preaching, he and I stood in the church doors to shake hands and welcome all who entered the church; we invariably took down the names of all strangers-there being many tourists,-and either called upon them -or sent one of the three good Deaconesses during the week, to invite them again to the services of the church. These many friends, and fruitful contacts were made. I had the bicycle and Dr. Bresee had the old fire horse ""Duke" which took him galloping across the city-nearly every morning at 8 o'clock and
usually about ten at night Dr. Bresee and I contacted each other by telephone, discussing the work and plans for the day. Oh, what wonderful, happy days they were! God was surely with us. Having previously labored with both with the "Pentecostal of America Churches, of the East, and the "Holiness Church of Christ" in the southern states, as Evangelist and thus formed the acquaintance of the leaders of these respective movements, it was my happy privilege to offer the first suggestions for a union of the three units; and so I personally selected the men and named the Committees, and arranged for the meetings with our representatives of the Church of the Nazarene, which ultimated in the union of these three bodies-and also

the uniting with us of some of the Holiness Christians of which I had been elected several times as Presiding Elder; and the company under the leadership of Bro. McClurkan, of Tenn. this latter largely through their contact with the Brethren of the Holiness Church of Christ; while these did not unite with us as Denominations, many of their people and churches joined us. While Dr. Bresee was my constant adviser, and in every way encouraged me in these matters, he had not been in personal contact with these respective movements, and therefore it became my happy privilege to fix first propose the matter of union to all whom it concerned. Also I had been named "Assistant General Superintendent" by Dr. Bresee and was thus

authorized and empowered to proceed in the these matters. During this time I also shared somewhat with Dr. Bresee in the editorial work of the "Nazarene Messenger" of our church hopes. It was also my privilege to conduct the Revival in Portland, Ore. which ultimated in the organizing of the first church in Portland; and also conducting the revival in Spokane, Wash, where I labored with Bro. DeLance Wallace and wife, which ultimated in the organization of the Nazarene Church in that north-west; also Mrs. Ruth and I had the privilege of introducing first the Church of the Nazarene in Indianapolis, Ind. organizing the first church which was the seed corn from which the both the "Indianapolis District" and the "Northern Indiana District" which now

cover the entire state with their numerous fine churches, had their origin. I think all these facts can be clearly ascertained from minutes and early records of the Denomination. Some of them at least might be of interest to the future generations. To our blessed Christ belongs all praise, honor, and glory. And the end is not yet.

Dec. 20th, 1938
4:30 to 7 a.m.

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