Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent Calendar - Christmas Cookies

Gingerbread houses from son Justin's 2nd grade class

When we were young our Mom would make a cookie called Hershey's Chocolate Walnut Balls. The recipe was taken from the Hershey Cocoa can, and these were our favorites holiday cookies! As I remember the only time she made these treats was on certain occasions, so that made them even more special. Sadly the recipe did not survive to be passed down. We sent a message to Hershey's to inquire if the recipe was in their archives, to which we have not had a response. Anyone with this recipe would we love to hear from you!

Over the years I have been part of cookie swaps which is a great way to experience new recipes. In my quest to offer something new I discovered several websites to widen your cookie baking horizons.

Happy baking!


  1. Those cookies sound really good. I love cookie exchanges. Neat pic of the gingerbread houses. Somewhere I have a picture of the one Tanner did in like 4th grade. Jordan never did one for some reason.

  2. I checked my 1990 Hershey Cookbook and couldn't find the recipe. They sound good. Good Luck with finding it.