Thursday, November 4, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Another eBay find!

James McSherry, b. 12/30/1842 - d. 10/23/1907

Last Thursday I shared the wonderful book we discovered on eBay written by my husband's grandfather, Christian Wismer Ruth. After successfully tracking down that particular edition, I started to experiment with other names in the family line.

Every week I would set aside time to browse the auctions for titles that may be of interest. On auction recently I discovered the 1914 edition of "The Reported Opinions of the Hon. James McSherry (late Chief of the Court of Appeals of Maryland) with a biographical sketch" by N. Charles Burke. James McSherry, husband's 2nd cousin 4x removed, had been a very prominent Maryland resident.

Even though the edition was listed in "acceptable" condition, I placed the bid and acquired another piece of family history. When the book arrived I was excited to find the contents themselves were in good condition. The cover was another story, it has deteriorated considerably. Not sure what to do about possible restoration. Should I rebind? That is the question I am now trying to determine, any help would be greatly appreciated.

The most exciting outcome in finding this edition, was the biographical sketch of James McSherry listed in front of the book. Here we found detailed information about not only James, but Patrick McSherry (husband's 5th great grandfather), immigrating from Ireland to America in 1725.

Genealogy, the ultimate treasure hunt!


  1. Great find. I have also used ebay to try to find family articles. Once another researcher actually contacted me about a family article up for sale. It was pretty expensive and the person was not a direct I copied the photo and passed on the bid. Have fun!!!!

  2. What a wonderful find Deb. I have not tried ebay yet...maybe it's time to start!

    Thank you for sharing this.

  3. You can have the book rebound! The prices vary depending on how fancy you want it done. I had a family bible redone, very simply, but it looks great and will last another 200 years or more with care.