Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - What is that?!

I have talked in several posts about touring Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. Buried here are historic figures such as John Wilkes Booth, Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, and Johns Hopkins. Among our distinguished and infamous citizens can be discovered several interesting gravestones

Samuel Buckle or Buckley? I did some research since the tour without success. The tour guide had no information to share about the meaning of this particutlar gravestone.

This was a complete mystery. What meaning would this have in the cemetery?

Is the dog keeping watch? Found this memorial extremely moving.


  1. Wow - those top two pictures are two of the strangest items I have ever seen in a cemetery! I'm also mystified.

  2. How interesting. Love the dog.


  3. Hi

    According to "Stories in Stone" by Douglas Keister the dog has long been associated with funery art and they represent virtues or fidelity, loyalty, vigilance and watchfulness.

    The other piece (round stone)looks like coral so maybe they couldn't afford a more traditional headstone. I know in the UK rose bushes are sometimes placed where the stone would be to mark the grave. This happened in my family.