Thursday, November 18, 2010

Those Places Thursday - My Baltimore

Gaphardt family in Baltimore

I was born in Baltimore City. Actually I was born in a city hospital, but lived my entire life in the county. Not until recently when working on the family history have I felt any connection with the city of both my parents ancestors. When we were young we would spend Saturday visiting my grandmother and aunt in their Baltimore rowhouse. Mostly what I remember are the marble steps, lovely painted screens, and penny candy from the corner store.

Spending time talking with my parents as they share stories of their youth has been a wonderful experience. My Mom tells of scrubbing those marble steps on Saturdays to make spending money. My Dad sharing stories of ships bringing fresh food into the harbor, and hucksters driving up and down the streets yelling "bananas, apples, peanuts!"

Along the way on this adventure I have discovered a very rich and diverse heritage. Whether that heritage is German, English, Irish, Czech, or Polish, I'm very much a Baltimorean!


  1. Deb, I used to go to Baltimore often, and really liked your city. It was interesting to read about the painted screens. When your aquarium first opened, I was there within weeks...such a great place. Ever go to Haussners?

  2. Barbara,

    So happy you were able to visit my Baltimore! It is a very intersting and diverse city. Glad you enjoyed the story of the painted screens. I took those for granted when a youngster, but now appreciate their heriage. As for Haussners, yes I went there long ago, but now they have closed. That was a very sad day here in Maryland!

  3. Thanks Deb for replying. I'm shocked about Haussners, it must have been a sad day. Wonder what they did with all the paintings.