Saturday, November 13, 2010

Surname Saturday - Comfort Starr Line

Dr. Comfort Starr

Generation 1. Dr. Comfort Starr b. July 6, 1589, Ashford, England, d. January 2, 1659, Boston, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth UNKNOWN. She died June 25, 1658 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Generation 2. Thomas Starr b. 1615, Ashford England; d. November 26, 1658 in Massachusetts. He married Rachel UNKNOWN in 1639. She died 1660.

Generation 3. Josiah Starr b. September 1657, Massachusetts; d. January 4, 1715, Connecticut. He married Rebekah UNKNOWN in 1672. She died 1739.

Generation 4. Samuel Starr b. 1700, Connecticut; d. December 29, 1744, Connecticut. He married Abigail Dibble. She was born October 1, 1703, Connecticut; died July 24, 1791, Connecticut.

Generation 5. Samuel Starr b. July 28, 1732, Connecticut; d. October 18, 1770, Connecticut. He married Ann Platt, she was born November 5, 1731, Connecticut; died July 24, 1788, Connecticut.

Generation 6. Platt Starr b. July 29, 1761, Connecticut; d. August 03, 1846, New York. He married Lucinda Finney. She was born January 28, 1763, Connecticut; died May 29, 1836, New York.

Generation 7. Ezra Platt Starr b. September 10, 1795, Connecticut; d. December 18, 1823, Adams County, Pennsylvania. He married Evaline Hill. She was born 1803, Adams County, Pennsylvania.

Generation 8. Alfred Platt Starr b. September 9, 1820, York, Pennsylvania; d. May 17, 1912, Adams County, Pennsylvania. He married Sarah Matilda McSherry. She was born November 3, 1819, Pennsylvania; died February 10, 1892, Adams County, Pennsylvania.

Generation 9. William Francis Starr b. August 26, 1857, Pennsylvania; d. February 20, 1928, Adams County, Pennsylvania. He married Anna Louise Steffy. She was born September 9, 1854, Pennsylvania; died November 1, 1928, Adams County, Pennsylvania.


  1. I saw your blog post listed on Thomas MacEntee's roll up for Saturday on Geneabloggers. I had to read it because I have a Comfort Starr in my family tree. However, it is the grandson of your immigrant Comfort Starr, who married Mary Stone in Dedham, Massachusetts in 1683 (he is my 1st cousin 10x removed, Mary's grandfathers Simon Stone and John Whipple are both my 10x great grandfathers through different lineages.)

  2. Heather,

    Comfort Starr was my husband's 9th great grandfather. How fun to find a "cousin"!

  3. Thank you for posting. Comfort is my 11th great grandfather. I just discovered him today :)

    1. You are most welcome! Another Starr cousin! If you need any help just give a shout.