Thursday, October 14, 2010

Those Places Thursday - Fort McHenry

Growing up in Maryland we took for granted easy access to on of the United States greatest treasures.

Visiting Fort McHenry we always looked forward to running, hiding in the barracks, and scampering along the seawall. Not until I was an adult did the full meaning of what occurred there in 1814 really hit home.

The visitor center has an orientation movie, which explains the history of the fort.

As the movie winds down the anthem begins to play, the curtain slowly opens to reveal Old Glory. At that pivotal moment you feel the full import of the poem Francis Scott Key wrote September 14, 1814.

Plaque on fort wall

My husband and nephew touring the fort
View from outside fort walls
Cannons on the ramparts.

Cannon ball fired by British forces during the 1814 bombardment.

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