Thursday, October 21, 2010

Those Places Thursday - Dodge City & the Reverend

Union Church, Dodge City, Kansas
picture from Ford County Historical Society, Dodge City, Kansas

Rev. Ormond W. Wright (husband's 2nd cousin 3x removed Maria Minnie Starr's husband), was sent to Dodge City with his family in 1886 to become pastor of the "wickedest town in the west". Several members of Rev. Wright's congregation were Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp, both later becoming deacons of his church.

From the biographical sketch of Rev. Ormond W. Wright, "A Special Servant of the Lord" his entrance into Dodge is described as the following:

"Then one day a small dignified man in a top hat and tail coat climbed from a train and, taking his valise, made his way to the hotel on Front Street. Here without any hesitation he signed the register as Reverend Ormond W. Wright. He had come to plant the Cross of Christ firmly in this citadel of Satan - to build a church!"

Several years ago my husband and I took a three week trip out west. On the agenda was a visit to Dodge City and Boot Hill. This was before we knew of his ancestors connection to the town. Someday I hope we will return to research Rev. Ormond W. Wright and family.

Statue of Wyatt Earp, downtown Dodge

Plaque under statue of Wyatt Earp

Boot Hill Cemetery sign
Boot Hill - Edward Hurley - shot Jan 17 1878 - He drank to much and loved unwisley

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