Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Talented Tuesday - Do We Inherit Skill?

The Starr and Platt lines of my husband's family resided in Northern New York state. Recently I discovered Northern New York Historical Newspapers.

Northern New York Historical Newspapers are provided by the Northern New York Library Network to enhance access to the region's local history. The online collection currently consists of more than 1,853,000 pages from forth-six newspapers.

In searching the Starr family, I found an interesting article discussing the possibility of a young man's skill at billiards being inherited from his father.

In the article Professor Frederick Starr is quoted (husband's 2nd cousin 3x removed) raising the question of inherited skill versus environment. So, do our talents come from genetics or the influences of the world we reside? What do you think?

(clicking on article will enlarge for better reading)

Article from the Plattsburgh Republican June 1922

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  1. Well I for one certainly hope so! I come from a long line of talented women - artists, cooks, seamstresses, etc. Don't know if I have inherited any of that, but I keep trying!