Saturday, October 16, 2010

Surname Saturday - Wismer

Jacob Wismer, husband's 5th great grandfather, was born about 1684 in Germany and died in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, February 4, 1787 in his one hundred and third year.

The date of his immigration has been calculated as early as 1710 to one of the Carolina states, later settling in Pennsylvania. The Wismer family were of the Mennonite faith, many members instrumental in the building and leading of churches in and around Bucks County.

Several years ago on Google Books I was fortunate enough to locate "A Brief History of Jacob Wismer : a complete genealogical family register" by Rev. A. J. Fretz. This book has been invaluable with verifying information, finding cemeteries, and supplying other family names. Some of the names added to our tree were Cassell, Detweiler, Fretz, and Rosenberger.

A brief description taken from this book about Jacob Wismer :

"Although living to the great age of 103 years, he retained his mind until within about two months, and could walk out and dress himself within about two weeks of his death."

Thinking my husband comes from very sturdy stock!

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  1. WOW 103 and to keep his mind about him as long as he did , that's something