Saturday, October 9, 2010

Surname Saturday - Take Me To McSherrystown!

My husband's McSherry family line:

Francis Alfred Starr - grandfather - b. 1881, Adams County, Pennsylvania - d. 1965, Los Angeles, California

William Francis Starr - great grandfather - b. 1857, Adams County, Pennsylvania, - d. 1928, Adams County, Pennsylvania

Alfred Platt Starr - 2nd great grandfather (husband, Sarah Matilda McSherry) - b. 1820, York, Pennsylvania - d. 1912, Adams County Pennsylvania

Sarah Matilda McSherry - 2nd great grandmother - b. 1819, Pennsylvania - d. 1892, Adams County Pennsylvania

Andrew McSherry - 3rd great grandfather - b. 1790 Adams County, Pennsylvania - d. 1874 Adams County Pennsylvania

John McSherry - 4th great grandfather - b. 1760, Adams County, Pennsylvania - d. 1813, Adams County, Pennsylvania

Patrick McSherry - 5th great grandfather - b. 1725, Ireland - d. 1795, Adams County, Pennsylvania

Patrick McSherry obituary taken from "History of Saint Aloysius Church of Littlestown, Pennsylvania" by William McSherry, Jr. A. M.

Patrick McSherry was born in Ireland in 1725. He married Catharine Gartland, of Armagh. They emigrated to America about 1760. Patrick became a large land owner. In 1763 he bought the land on which McSherrystown, which he laid out that year, is now built. He was then living in Mountpleasant township. In a deed given in 1765 he calls himself a farmer. He owned lots nos. 15, 16, and 17 on King street, Petersburg, (Littlestown) in 1765, the year it was laid out. It would seem that he was a man of some importance, and certainly was a trusted patriot in the cause of Independence, for he was a member of "The Committee of Safety" for York County, appointed Nov. 3d, 1774. He was one of the trustees to whom the property was conveyed in 1791 on which the first Catholic Church of Littlestown was located. He was a merchant there in later years. He was the father of Edward, Mary, John, Patrick, Barnabas, Catharine, Hugh, Val, Else, Joseph, James, and Sarah.

He died July 13th, 1795, and was buried at Conowago. His remains were afterwards removed to Littlestown and interred beside those of his wife. He was 70 years of age. His wife Catharine died Nov. 7th, 1813, and is buried at Littlestown.

Some friendly hand penned the following obituary which appeared in the Gettysburg Centinel : "Departed this life on the 7th inst. (1813) in the seventy-third year of her age, Mrs. McSherry of Petersburg, Adams County - mother of our present worthy representative in the State Legislature. She was a lady of exemplary Christian and moral virtues. May the souls of the faithful rest in peace, amen."

From Adams County Bicentennial Tidbits September, 1999.

McSherrystown is the fourth oldest town in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Its founder, Patrick McSherry procured a 300 acre tract from the Digges Family in 1763 and proceeded to lay out a number of five-acre lots. The first known deed for one of these lots was dated June 27, 1765. Although McSherry may have intended his effort to be used primarily as outlots for Hanover residents, where they could keep their animals at times and obtain wood, it soon developed into a full-fledged town. McSherry, who lived in Mount Pleasant Township in 1765 and was later tavern-keeper in Littlestown, may never have lived in the town which bears his name.

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