Friday, October 22, 2010

Follow Friday - Wiki Week

This week I ventured into the land of genealogy wiki. I have used wikis on a very basic level, mostly for reading and research. First off what is a wiki? Here are several definitions listed online:

*is a website that allows multiple users to create, modify, and organize web page content in a collaborative manner.
*A wiki is an editable webpage. They are used in situations where a group of people need to create, edit and review each others documents.

Ward Cunningham, creator of Wiki states the following :

"A wiki is not a carefully crafted site for casual visitors. Instead, it seeks to involve the visitor in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration that constantly changes the Web site landscape."

For more in depth explanation of wikis and how they work:

* : Web Trends : A Comprehensive Guide to Wikis : a beginner's guide to the World of Wiki from Daniel Nations, former Guide

*Cyndi's List : Wikis for Genealogy

Several genealogy wikis I discovered this week :

*Family Search : Research Wiki : free family history research advice for the community, by the community. - also found on Facebook

*Our Archives by the National Archives : Genealogical and Family History Research at the National Archives

*We Relate : the world's largest genealogy wiki

This week was spent learning how wikis operate and can contribute to genealogical research. Next challenge will be to add content to one of these wikis.


  1. I haven't done much with or about wikis. This was an interesting and helpful post. Thank you.

  2. Nancy, you are welcome. Glad you found the post interesting and helpful. I'm thinking about starting a family genealogy wiki that others can contribute information. Stay tuned!