Friday, October 29, 2010

Follow Friday - Twitter Away!

Several weeks ago a friend suggested that I try Twitter as a genealogical tool. At first I was hesitant since I am already blogging and using Facebook for that purpose. All I could think was this could wind up being overload resulting in total confusion. Coincidentally this week one of the blogs I read (Roots and Rambles) had a post called "The genealogy WORLD is on Twitter". With all this encouragement I decided to give Twitter a chance.

Surprise, surprise I love tweeting! After registering my account, I spent time looking for friends and family members. Last weekend I did a search for my Facebook genealogy friends. Bingo! I was amazed how many were already on Twitter and using this medium to relate information and helpful tips. In fact I found Twitter to be in use far more than Facebook as a tool to communicate in general. The useful tag "follow Friday" has enabled me to connect with so many new genealogy friends that my numbers are following - 403, followers -51, all in the first week!

Doing a simple search on Google "Twitter" and "genealogy" resulted in several sites with helpful information:

Genealogy Insider - 10 ways to Use Twitter for Genealogy

Geneabloggers - Ten people all genealogists should follow on Twitter

My Heritage Blog - 4 ways to find genealogists on Twitter
Here are a few of my Blogger friends also found on Twitter:


Just for fun:

Find A Grave

Genealogy News Now
Have a very happy Follow Friday and Tweet ,Tweet!


  1. Like you I thought I'd be overwhelmed but it's been fun - plus my kids are shocked that I 'tweet' :-) and I can tell them what Slash is up to!