Friday, October 1, 2010

Follow Friday - Discovery & Recap

My family is starting to tease about the amount of time I spend daily on this new endeavor. Each day I awaken with blog post ideas dancing in my head, sounds like an addiction!

Here is a brief recap of the week:

Surname Saturday - Springer - Photolog of travel - Indiana Historical Society very helpful with locating family cemetery.

Black Sheep Sunday - Elizabeth "Crazy Bet" Van Lew (Civil War Spy) - Exploring events that surround ancestors and the historical figures they may have encountered.

Mappy Monday - United States Digital Map Library. Discovery of how older maps help locate towns that no longer exist.

Tombstone Tuesday - Tombstone Birthday Calculator - tool that calculates birth date on older tombstones that mainly list age and date of death. Posted example with birth date off by one day.

Those Places Thursday - Antietam National Battlefield Park - photographs and remembrances.

Blog gems added to my list this week:


Little Bytes of Life

Nutfield Genealogy

Happy following!

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