Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spooky Sunday ~ Black Aggie

Oldie but goodie! Originally posted October 31, 2010.

Growing up in Maryland everyone knew about Black Aggie. She was a scary part of Baltimore urban legend. The whisper of her name could send chills down your spine!

Many "adventerous" teens visited her in Druid Ridge Cemetery. This girl? No way!

Black Aggie was a monument, located at the General Felix Agnus family plot. She was made of black marble and sat gazing at the ground.

Over the years, Aggie became part of college fraternity initiations. One story circulated that a student was found dead one morning of fright. After each "occurrence" the legend grew.

Some said at midnight her eyes would glow red. If you were caught gazing into those eyes, you could be blinded! Another stated that if a pregnant women passed Aggie's shadow, she would suffer a miscarriage.

Curiosity seekers continued to visit Aggie, no matter the consequences. Eventually the family, weary of people visiting her at night, donated the statue to the Smithsonian Institution. Subsequently, Aggie was moved and forgotten.

Until a writer named Shara Terjung decided to write an article about Aggie. Shara became fascinated with the legend and was determined find her location. After contacting the Smithsonian she received a call before Halloween. The statue was housed in a dusty storeroom at the National Museum of American Art.
Black Aggie currently sits in the courtyard of the Dolly Madison house, Washington D.C. Next time you are in the area, make sure to pay homage to this legend. Maybe at night? You might have an "interesting" experience.
Happy Halloween!


  1. Fascinating - both the legend and the story of how the monument got moved around. I'll have to go visit her next time I'm in the city!

  2. Much better legend then the "Bunny Man" of Fairfax Co! :-)

  3. "Bunny Man"? What is this legend?

  4. Growing up here, my brothers always teased me about Black Aggie. I did not know, though, that she had been moved! Thanks for the update (which I'm a little late in catching up on--thank goodness for the Popular Posts highlights on your blog sidebar!!!).

  5. Jenny,

    Glad you enjoyed the post! Aggie has always scared me silly! Hubby has some pretty hair raising stories of visits to our famous statue back in the good (or not so good) old days. We hope to visit her in DC at some point.