Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday - Stay Back from the Television!

When I saw the post about Wisdom Wednesday first thing that came to me was all the mothers in the 60's saying "stay back from the television before you go blind"! As a Boomer this made me chuckle, then think about the validity of the statement.

Found an article entitled "You'll Go Blind: Does Watching Television Close-Up Really Harm Eyesight?" with the following excerpt:

Luckily for many of us and our kids, sitting “too” close to the TV isn’t known to cause any human health issues. This myth prevails because back in the 1960s General Electric sold some new-fangled color TV sets that emitted excessive amounts of radiation—as much as 100,000 times more than federal health officials considered safe. GE quickly recalled and repaired the faulty TVs, but the stigma lingers to this day.

But even though electronic emissions aren’t an issue with TVs made any time after 1968 (including today’s LCD and plasma flat screens), what about causing harm to one’s vision? Dr. Lee Duffner of the American Academy of Ophthalmology isn’t concerned, maintaining that watching television screens—close-up or otherwise—“won’t cause any physical damage to your eyes.” He adds, however, that a lot of TV watching can surely cause eye strain and fatigue, particularly for those sitting very close and/or watching from odd angles. But there is an easy cure for eye strain and fatigue: turning off the TV and getting some rest. With a good night’s sleep, tired eyes should quickly return to normal.

What a relief! My next thought was are todays mothers imparting similar advice, then I could here myself saying to my children "your thumbs are going to fall off from all that gaming"! So just proves every generation some new-fangled technology has been the focus of motherly words of wisdom.

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