Saturday, September 4, 2010

Surname Saturday - Starr

Comfort Starr House - Guilford, Connecticut

For my inaugural Surname Saturday I will start with the surname Starr. This was my mother-in-laws family line and my husband was completely in the dark about their history.

When I first started this adventure the Starr name intrigued me because of the fact that is was shrouded in so much mystery. Imagine my surprise when this became the most ancient and storied family thus far!

From what I had been told to that point was that my mother-in-law was born in Chicago and so the assumption was the line originated from the mid-west when they arrived in the United States. Much digging later and I was on a journey from Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and finally back to England.

When I Googled the Starr family name the amount of hits were overwhelming. At that point I realized this family was going to be the mother load, if it was the correct lineage.

One of the most important finds has been locating the book "A History of the Starr Family, of New England, from the Ancestor, Dr. Comfort Starr". As I researched this book there I found my husband's grandfather listed and knew indeed this was the correct family!

This discovery has lead me on an adventure to sites in three states thus far ending in Connecticut, where I was fortunate enough to locate the cemetery where most of the New England family were buried. The gentleman charged with overseeing the cemetery was immensely helpful and even went so far as to photocopy burial records. Well worth the trip north!

The really interesting item of note is that the Starr name has been used as either a first name or middle name since well before 1630. Every generation of the family tree is simply chocked full of Starr's. Not even realizing this we used the Starr to honor the family. So there we were keeping a century old tradition alive!


  1. Hi, I too have Stars in the family mine originate in Cheddar, Somerset. Do your Starrs have a connection to Cheddar, Somerset?


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