Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - For Dad

A fellow veteran came to hospice care and created this lovely picture for our family of Dad.

My first Sentimental Sunday is harder than anticipated. My Dad passed away little less than a week ago, which makes this very bittersweet.

Dad had cancer surgery about a year ago with the diagnosis not being very optimistic. So began a period in our lives that was fraught with anxiety, our faith being challenged, and times even filled with anger. Soon after came the most incredible times too, filled with laughter, love, and faith renewed.

As we progressed through treatments, doctors visits, and finally hospice care the one constant was my family coming together in ways I had never seen. Life is so busy and challenging at times for everyone that you become isolated in the world you have created and soon are islands surrounded by vast oceans.

Mostly I am so grateful for the time spent with one of my brothers during our Monday nights. After work we would meet up at the hospital to spend time with Dad. In the beginning we would ask each other "how was your day", what we had done over the weekend, touch base about our children, and talk about football. Conversation that you would have with your co-workers or neighbors. As time progressed discussion started about childhood memories, challenges we are currently facing in our lives, and finally our feelings as children losing a parent. As we walked this new and uncertain path in our lives we discovered we were no longer islands. We are connected by our memories, heritage, and love.

Rest In Peace Dad.

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