Sunday, September 19, 2010

Church Record Sunday - Connecting the dots

Last week while visiting the State Archives I found the death certificate for my great-grandmother. The certificate stated that she was buried in the Holy Redeemer Cemetery, Baltimore City, February of 1935.

While checking the Find-A-Grave website to obtain information on the cemetery the following was stated:

Remains were relocated from Saint Alphonsus Cemetery to Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery. Questions regarding St. Alphonsus Cemetery should be sent to Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery Office.

Searching for information on St. Alphonsus Cemetery led me to St. Mary's Seminary & University Associated Archives. The website states they are "one of the most significant repositories for records relating to the early history of the Catholic Church in the United States". There I located the following information:

Here we see that some church records have been microfilmed and available at the State Archives. Leads me right back to where I started. Feeling a bit like a genealogical Indiana Jones!

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