Sunday, September 12, 2010

Black Sheep Sunday- Lily : black sheep or rebel?

Was Sarah "Lily" Barnes Allien Livingstone a "black sheep" or did she lead life on her own terms?

Lily was born in 1865 to a prominent New York family. The Barnes family was well know and respected in the community. Her grandfather was a pastor, and her uncle a publisher for his own publishing house.

Lily seems to have been very independent and not too concerned about the limitations on women of her day. She was involved in controversy with the family of someone who left her an inheritance, she traveled alone all over the world, and raced horses!

Sometimes her actions landed her in the newspapers. A little reminiscent of Britney, LiLo, and Madonna. Thus reminding us that tabloid scandal has been around for some time.

There was a whole host of articles on the Ancestry database capturing Lily's exploits. That is where I found the attatched article about her marriage to George Livingstone. I found another article about a very contentions court battle on the Chronicling America site hosted by the Library of Congress.

So either black sheep or rebel, Lily lead a very interesting life!

Trenton Times, Feb 1906

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  1. Looks like she left you lots to write about! What an interesting woman, and an exciting life.