Sunday, August 22, 2010

In the beginning....

Wakefield family portrait

Several years ago I found myself all on my own Monday thru Friday. This was a very difficult time as all four of my children had moved out that year, and my husband was doing consulting work out-of-town during the week. Seems as if the brakes came on full force and there I was trying to figure out "what do I want to be when I grow up".

One night I was surfing the Web and found interesting sites on about genealogy. My younger brother had spent some time on our family tree. Really did not pay much attention to his discoveries and information at the time. So sorry Ken!!

As I read more and more articles I will confess I was hooked like the proverbial fish. From what I later learned from fellow genealogists this is very common.

So what do I do? Get my first subscription to Ancestry, look for classes at the local community college, and read everything I can get my hands on from our local library.

The most helpful item on this list was the class at the college. The instructor gave a class on basic searching and then off we went to local repositories to search. We went to the historical societies, state archives, local courthouse, and library. I highly recommend taking a course if it is available! Not only will you learn what resources are available but how to use the information with confidence. I also found this helpful article on site that gave me a starting point and got the wheels moving.

Well two years later and I am completely hooked! Even to the point of spending weekends roaming cemeteries looking for any relative and must confess even sometimes saying a few words to them on parting. I have a co-worker that suggested that I get a tee-shirt made "Debbie Digs Dead People". Mmmm sounds very catchy.

So what I will attempt to do is blog along my progress from the beginning and hopefully feel more of the "expert" genealogist in my lifetime.


  1. Hi Deb.

    Have just discovered your blog. Welcome to the genealogy blogging community. Looking forward to reading more.


  2. Alana,

    Thank you for the welcome!

  3. Hello!

    You’ve got a great genealogy blog and I’ve added it to the blog list at GeneaBloggers.

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    Thomas MacEntee

  4. Thomas,

    Thank you so much for putting my blog on your sites. Very much appreciated. Have been having so much fun connecting with other like minded friends and learning along the way.

    Also thank you for the links. I will be looking at them as I progress.


  5. Hi Deb! Welcome to the GeneaBlogger community!

  6. Thank you Bill! Looking forward to making new friends and learning along the way.